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Dear Mayor Wharton and Members of the Memphis City Council,


We hope that we can count on your support of the Crosstown development project when it comes before the Council on Tuesday, December 3.

The renovation of the iconic Sears Crosstown building, located between Midtown and Downtown, will create 875 new jobs that will add $37 million in wages into our economy every year.  The building itself will be home to health clinics, wellness facilities, a free public high school, and numerous creative resources. It will also house 240 apartments in a range of market values, boosting the population of this deeply disinvested neighborhood by hundreds of residents.


If the City of Memphis agrees to a $15 million investment – less than 10% of the total redevelopment cost – to address some crucial blight abatement and infrastructure needs, over $150 million in private capital stands ready to begin construction.


Our community needs these good jobs.  This neighborhood needs the healthcare, educational, and creative resources that the building will provide.  Our city needs to transform this dangerous, derelict symbol of blight into a vibrant, reborn vertical urban village that will serve and benefit all Memphians.


Again, on behalf of everyone in our city that this remarkable project will serve, help, educate, and inspire, thank you for your consideration of this request.  We hope sincerely that we have your support on December 3.


(Your name)

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